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John Summers,

Real Estate Broker / 15 years

License: RC51200023

Owner, HomeSource LLC,






I’ve helped over 500 buyers achieve their goal of home ownership, and I am eager to assist you as well. I have an extensive background in new home construction and am very comfortable with the buying and building process. I have developed wonderful working relationships with many of the top new homebuilders.

Before I entered into real estate, I built homes and owned and operated a concrete company. Through my experience in the construction and concrete industries, I fully understand the process of building a home. I will work to ensure that you are well informed at every stage of this exciting process.

I will respect your desired monthly payment towards your future home. I am very familiar with the different types of financing programs, including zero down, VA, FHA, conventional, and UDDA. I will work diligently to connect you with a lender who will have your best interest at heart and who will deliver a financing plan that fits your needs.

My services are free to you. I will be with you at every step of the way as you make your dream home a reality. I look forward to working with you, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you when you get the keys to your new home!

Please check out the videos with some of the happy buyers I’ve helped and, and the reviews they gave me. I look forward to helping you get a new home, let’s get started now, please give me a call.


John Summers